Saturday, September 8, 2007

In our spare time

What do you do when you don't want to scrap or visit the regular forums you hang out in, while in front of the computer? Here's what we do:

I'm a gamer. I love playing games. Right now, my game choices are Zuma and Bookworm. I'm doing quite well, if I do say so myself! I also read a lot of blogs, too many of them, really!

She checks out MSNBC. She is up to date on all of the news stories. I think she'd rather read the news than watch the news anchors. Who can blame her, afterall, isn't Anderson Cooper on CNN? I have seen Bethany play some of the trivia games. The other day, while at her house, we played two trivia games. It was pretty fun, but she usually knows the answers much quicker than I do. Surprisingly, she is very good at the eighties trivia (she wasn't even a teen or preteen during that time period)


Libby Weifenbach said...

Hey! Thanks for playing along with our blog challenge! And may I just say... Anderson Cooper = yum. LOL!

Monique said...

Hmmm... I either get some tagging done in ACDsee (it's never ending), play on, go blog hopping (the ultimate digiscrapping blog roll list is great for this!), or I go browsing through galleries checking out all the gorgeous layouts and leaving comments all over.

Helena said...

Bookworm is fun! Zuma makes me dizzy if I play it too long. I have an odd attraction to Insaniquarium. DH used to play Psychobabble all the time and is still mad that they got rid of it.