Thursday, July 5, 2007

Goodbye for now!!

We're sad to say we will be leaving the blog alone for a bit. We have decided that we need to step back and focus on our families. It's summer time so that means entertaining the kids and preparing them for the upcoming school year! We'll be absent from any message board/chat room we participated in also. We'll miss the friendships we have created, but we are sure you all can understand. We're not sure when we'll be back, afterall, family comes first!

I've decided that I need to leave crafting alone for awhile also. I really need to get my scrapbooking caught up for my kids first years, followed by every year after that! That's 13 years to catch up on! I almost have the third ones done and still haven't started the older two (which will be more of a challenge trying to remember dates and milestones - not to mention I'll be scanning in a lot of pics).

I've spent a lot of time on the message boards over at DAISIE Company. I loved that place, but it has taken a turn which I don't care for. But, I want to say a BIG Thank you to Nathan for all of his help he gave to me (as well as everyone else). I learned more from him about computers/hardware/etc than I ever thought I would, especially while on a crafty board! I appreciate the friendships I have made over there and hope to continue them outside of DAISIE. ~ Rachel