Thursday, August 16, 2007

Music Music

Now playing on our itunes:
Bethany is a total musica FREAK! She has at least 1500 songs on her itunes!
I'm more of a plain jane. A tad on the boring side.
I listen to Hairspray and that's just about it right now.
Talk about living on the wild side . . . LOL!

Coming Soon:


20Birds said...

a hairspray layout..... how great.... i loved that movie.... fun fun fun

TheBombria's said...

Your blog is way too cute.....I just love the fact that the two of you share it together!! Both of your layouts rock!


PsiPsi said...

What a great blog
And I love hairspay!!!!
but wow 1500 songs
I even don´t have a i tunes*lol*

Dawn said...

I really need to see this movie! Great layouts!

LEXI!! said...

LOL well I gave Boffy the Hairspray soundtrack, Girlfriend, Extrodinary, and a lot more. LOL And mom I gave you the Hairspay one too. LOL